Mesmerizing aspects to know about Invicta 5511 from Invicta watches review

The Invicta 5511 is recognized to be one among the most renowned model of watches from Invicta flagship models. This model would found with a design from world famous sub aqua noma III type of range and it would not very much hard to learn why. Accordingly to the Invicta review, this model has been sold in the market at a great level than other models of the same range offered by other brands. You can also learn from the review that the features offered with this model would make almost all watch lovers to crave for the purchase of one for them.

Here are some of the mesmerizing features that is provided with Invicta 5511 model as per Invicta watches review

The watch comprises of a large circular case of about 50 mm in diameter. It is made from none other than surgical grade quality steel so that it would offer much better level of performance when used in various conditions as well. There is a unidirectional bezel that can be found on top of the case and this is made up of stainless steel as well. This bezel would also match precisely with the color of the case. The bezel has been brushed with satin and most of the features embossed on it would be in Arabic numerals for each interval of five seconds. If you are really planning to buy this watch then it would be worth the price as the features that you can find in it would be provided on a top quality range of watches from brand like Rolex.

You can find a large sunray dial that is composed with silver indexes which are then coated with trinity of luminescent shades. You can also find indexes to be positioned on each hour expect for 2, 4, 10 and 12. The large and luminescence dial would make sure that the watch can be read at any possible conditions as well. It would work perfectly and can be read very easily even in pitch black darkness. This watch is a Swiss made that can be found on the number 6 of the hour. This means that, the watch has been completely made and assembled in Switzerland including the parts as well. You can find a date window next to hour number 4.

You can find around three different types of sub dials that would rest at hour number 2, 6 and 10. You can make use of these sub dials in conjunction with the crown that can be screwed down to measure the fraction of seconds effectively. As per the invicta 8926c review, The dial window on the watch is made of crystal type flame fusion which is exceptionally resistant to any type of scratches and any kind of sudden shock as well.

Another specialty of this model from Invicta than other models is that, a diver can wear this watch and dive to a depth of about 1650 feet as well. Hence it’s majorly opted by the true professional divers.

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